Rental Policy

1. Driver’sAge
To rent a car in Crete you should be at least 23 years old, while the maximum age is unlimited.
2. DrivingLicense
Your driving license should be valid. If you are a resident of a country outside the European Union, then you will need an International driving license or a European Driver’s Permit.
3. Car Rental Insurance Coverage in Crete
Spicars offers full insurance with a Collision Damage Waiver to all our clients. Our prices also include Third Party Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and Theft Protection.
4. Fuel In orGas In
When you return the car to our agency, you should make sure that the fuel in the car’s tank is the same as the recorded fuel in or gas in.
Find the gas stations with the cheapest petrol prices in Crete
5. Mileage In
We offer unlimited mileage to all our clients, so you should feel free to drive around and explore Crete to the full.
6. Second Driver
If you are travelling with a group or if you plan to make long trips across Crete, it is always convenient to have another driver with you. But you have to make this clear with our car rental agency and sign an additional agreement which lists all the people who would be driving the car. Thereisnoadditionalfee for a seconddriver.
7. Police Tickets
Any police tickets that you will get from violating the Greek traffic laws while you are using a rental car in Crete are completely your responsibility. But you should nonetheless call up our offices if you get a police ticket.
Police tickets in Greece can cost you a lot, so you have to follow Greek traffic laws closely, such as sticking to speed limits, keeping your seatbelt on all the time, and parking only where it is allowed.
8. Late Car Return
Please make sure that you return your rented car on the day and time that you are supposed to return it. Otherwise, you will be charged additional fees equivalent depending on the actual delay.
9. Cancellations
We do not charge any fees for cancellations, but please let us know as soon as possible to help us manage our fleet in a better manner.
10. Pets in the Rental Car
You are actually allowed to have pets inside the rental car, as long as you take care of the proper precautions. Have your pet in a harness or in a pet carrier when you drive around with it in your rental car in Crete.
Moreover, to prevent damage to the car’s interiors, you should line the area where you would be putting your pet with a blanket or a towel. This is to prevent stains and pet hair clinging to the upholstery.
11. Long carrental PeriodTerms
If your stay in Crete will take five days or so, it would be wiser for you to avail of weekly rates instead of the usual rate. Generally, the sixth and seventh day of the week are given at a discount price with weekly rates.
12. Choose the caryouneed
If you have a tight budget, if you are not travelling with someone else and if you do not have a lot of luggage with you, your chances of getting cheap Crete car rental costs will be better with hiring a compact, economy car.
It can be absolutely tempting to rent a bigger car if the daily rate is only a few euro more than the rate of renting an economy car. However, you will see the difference when you pay for gasoline – economy cars consume far less fuel than bigger cars.
Your itinerary is another essential thing that you should think about when choosing a rental car. A city car is all you will need if you will be spending your holidays in Crete within city limits. But if you will be travelling to the mountains or to other places where the road is rough, an off-road car may be more suitable for you.